Orthotics serve various functions: to provide comfort, deflect pressure, correct foot shape and allow you to be on your feet for longer. 


Our range of orthotics ensure that patients of all budgets can benefit from the use of orthotics

Breathable & discreet

Perfectly moulded

Lightweight & Flexible

Exclusively for you

1 year manufacturers warranty

Orthotic FAQ’s

What is an orthotic?

An orthotic is a medical graded device that sits in your shoes to provide 3 very important functions; deflect unwanted pressures from the foot, provide you with comfort and to keep you on your feet for longer. They are prescriptive devices so they fit your feet nicely and are very stream lined so it does not feel bulky or to thick in your footwear.

Does wearing an orthotic hurt?

No, not at all! They are designed to fit your feet comfortably and are streamlined so it will not feel as if there is anything intrusive in your shoes. Before we issue you with an orthotic, we normally will get you into the clinic for you to try the device out so you get a feel of what it feels like before committing to the product.

Do I get a warranty with the orthotic?

Yes, it comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Any issues within 1 year, we replace them free of charge for you.

How does it differ to an insole?

An insole are great for providing very short term relief, insoles are generic products and often can be bought in shops or chemist depending on your foot size. Orthotics are engineered and made specifically for your feet.

How long does it take to manufacture an orthotic?

Here at Dovehouse Foot Clinic we are meticulous with what we do, we do not believe in rushing the process, so it takes around 3 weeks to have it manufactured and examined thoroughly before we issue them out to our patients.

I have spine and knee problems, will an orthotic work?

Yes it will, our body is a kinetic chain, by that it means that the body is connected from your spine to your big toe joint. An orthotic serves to correct any misalignment or issues further up the chain. Give Dovehouse Foot Clinic a chance to correct these issues and book in today.

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