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Or should you see a Podiatrist? What is the difference?


There has been a misconception between the two professions; Chiropodist or Chiropody were the pioneers and historically performed nail and foot treatments.

Podiatry or Podiatry Medicine has evolved from Chiropody and Podiatrist are able to have more autonomy with their foot treatments.

For example, a Podiatrist can specialise in Surgery and become a Podiatric Surgeon, a Podiatrist is able to prescribe medications and orthotics to their patients after completing the right post graduate qualifications.

Podiatrist in the NHS treat very high risk patients with ulcers, gangrene feet or foot necrosis.

Chiropodist are trained to a diploma level whereas a Podiatrist are trained to a degree level, often comprising of 3 years of University study, and then working in the NHS before coming out to private practice.

Although, both Podiatrist and Chiropodist perform similar treatments, Podiatrist are able to perform more invasive procedures such as surgical nail avulsions, biomechanics assessments and the treatment of ulcers.

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