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Here at Dovehouse Foot Clinic we cater for all.  We operate from our modern & spacious clinic on Dovehouse Parade (Warwick Road, Olton, Solihull) – and provide a full suite of podiatry treatments to both improve the health, and prevent future problems, for your feet.

We also offer home visits for patients in Solihull and the surrounding area, including Birmingham, Balsall Common, Knowle, Dorridge, Hampton in Arden, Shirley, Hollywood & Wythall.

Whether you require general podiatry services, prescription orthotics, in-grown toe treatment, general nail care; or callous, corn & verruca removal – our expert podiatrist in Solihull are here to help.

Mr Matthew Chinn - Senior Principle Specialist Podiatrist

Mr Matthew Chinn is the Principle Podiatrist and the clinical director of Dovehouse Foot Clinic.  Matthew has a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of podiatry such as General and Biomechanics and Surgery. He has a keen interest in the treatment and prevention of injuries and a strong interest in Podiatry surgery.

Matthew is passionate about helping people achieve their full physical function, which will help them lead a better lifestyle. Over the years, Matthew has built up a reputation for being a very thorough and friendly Podiatrist who aims to provide the very best treatment for all his patients.

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Common Podiatry Conditions

Sports Injuries

Thick Nails



Dry Cracked Heels

Athletes foot


Ingrown Toenails

Fungal Nail Infection

Diabetic Management & Advice

Biomechanical assessments

Flatfeet & Orthotics

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377 Warwick Road, Solihull

5.0 11 reviews

  • Avatar N K ★★★★★ a week ago
    Excellent service, would highly recommend. The podiatrist was a lovely polite gentleman. The clinic is very warm and cosy. The best Clinic I have been too so far in Solihull.
  • Avatar Caprice Balu ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I made an appointment on behalf of my grandad and a thorough service was provided. The clinic is very clean and welcoming something I keep an eye out for. Matthew's professionalism and caring demeanour put my grandad at ease ergo we highly recommend Dovehouse Foot clinic. Thank you Matt!
  • Avatar Kay K ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I went to see Matt for an on going issue with my feet. I was so impressed and pleased with the service. Matt was very professional and thorough with his approach.
    His clinic is very welcoming and has a lovely aesthetic compared to the clinics I have been too.
    I have recommended my friends & family to go to see Matt for any foot related issues.
    Keep up the good work and definitely a clinic to visit for any of your foot problems.
  • Avatar Ilham Abdo ★★★★★ a month ago
    The experience was amazing!!! , I felt very comfortable , the procedure was painless and solved the issue I had with the soles of my feet. I no longer feel any pain and would 100% recommend this clinic to everyone. The doctor was very welcoming !!!
  • Avatar Jo Thompson ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Visited The Foot Clinic today and was treated by Matthew. I was blown away with how professional and informative he was. I was fully informed about my issue and treatment, offered different types of treatments to help and fully discussed each one.
    Matthew was very knowledgable and was so friendly and welcoming. I felt comfortable the whole time. He offers a great service, also checked if I had any other issues and he checked my other foot out too, which I thought was great service. Really appreciated his time and effort and I’m very glad to have found such a friendly and professional chiropodist.
    Thank you Matthew 🙂

The benefits of seeing a Podiatrist


Prevent future health problems

On average, a moderately active person does around 7000 steps a day, yet our feet are often taken for granted.

A lot of us pay close attention to other areas of the body, here at Dovehouse Foot Clinic, we encourage all our patients to look after their feet.

By treating your feet, this will prevent you from developing knee problems, hip issues and spine complications.

Our feet work in a kinetic chain with our ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulder and neck. The body wants to be in an upright position and to have good posture, any misalignment, will result in the body being affected.

Walking on air

Typically after a patient sees a Podiatrist, they often walk out of the clinic feeling as if they are “walking on air”.

The satisfaction and happiness that a patient can feel once they have their nails cut, their hard skin removed or their corns extracted, is something at Dovehouse Foot Clinic we encourage.

We want you to have an increase quality of life and be pain free. Being able to walk and be mobile is something we all take for granted so why not make the most of your feet, and book in with our friendly Podiatrist.

Improved mobility

Here at Dovehouse Foot Clinic, we really want you to be on your feet for longer. By seeing our Podiatrist, you will be able to have peace of mind that your feet are being well looked after.

A patient suffering from a painful corn albeit a small corn will tell you the pain that they experience is uncomfortable, and often they will stop walking or reduce their frequency of their walks to avoid walking on the corn.

Here at Dovehouse Foot Clinic, we want to put your mind at ease, any foot related pains or issues, please feel free to make an appointment with our friendly Podiatrist, and he will treat any issues you may have.

Reduction of pain

Here at Dovehouse Foot Clinic, we want you to be on your feet, to walk freely with no pain and to have an improved quality of life.

Our Podiatrist is highly skilled and medically trained to provide you with treatments that are updated and can help with any of your foot related issues or problems.

Just by removing a corn, reduction of hard skin, cutting your thick hard nails or providing you with a prescriptive orthotic, this will all result in your being in less pain and thus, feeling happier in yourself.

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Bespoke Prescriptive Orthotics

Here at Dovehousre Foot Clinic, we also offer bespoke prescriptive orthotics to help you stay on your feet for longer and to walk pain free.

Orthotics serve to deflect pressure from unwanted areas in the foot to help with any issues you may have. There is generally a misconception with orthotics in that only athletes or people who play a lot of sport can only wear them, but anyone can wear them.

Our orthotics help keep you upright, helps with your balance and provides you with more stability when you walk or stand.

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